Leadership Team

Tom Hendrix

President and CEO

Tom Hendrix is Founder, President, and CEO of The SEFA Group. Tom and Jennie Hendrix started Southeastern Fly Ash Company (later renamed The SEFA Group) in April 1976, with a business model of providing technical expertise to concrete customers and utility partners. After graduating from Clemson University with a degree in Civil Engineering, he had discovered his true technical calling through his focus as a strength of materials engineer, and by mastering the sourcing and properties of various concrete-making materials.

Tom attributes the company’s proven track record of success to the values and talents of SEFA employees. As he explains, “With every new role, we always hired people who knew more than we knew so we were continually becoming a better organization.”

His commitment to service is reflected in the company he founded. He has led the privately held company and been revered by employees through over 40 years of growth defined by innovation and environmental responsibility. The team spirit at SEFA is a testament to his leadership, where a large number of employees have worked for the company over a decade or more.

Gregg Hendrix

Executive Vice President

As an executive officer, director and owner of The SEFA Group, Gregg Hendrix guides the long-term direction of SEFA’s future in corporate responsibility and recycling of coal combustion residuals. Gregg leads by example in the company’s values-centric culture and is committed to continuing SEFA’s strong heritage of integrity, excellence, safety and unsurpassed service to customers. He is a powerful influence in making SEFA a leader in recycling fly ash, with over 20 million tons sold in the last 30 years.

Gregg has a bachelor’s degree from Auburn University and is a loyal Auburn Tiger fan.