STAR® Technology

STAR® (Staged Turbulent Air Reactor) Technology is our patented thermal beneficiation process to transform coal ash from surface impoundments or ponds into a high-quality, sustainable product for the concrete industry. The reliable, consistent quality of STAR beneficiated ash allows it to be used at a higher volume, and in more building projects, than fly ash from other sources. STAR® ash is also recognized as an innovative process aid for the rubber, plastics and silicone industries.

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Fly Ash Sales & Operations

SEFA is a premier technical product and service company to the construction and utility industries and an innovative leader in fly ash beneficiation. Through partnerships with utility and concrete companies over four decades, we have been recycling fly ash which otherwise would have been disposed in landfills or ponds. Our fly ash is recycled into roads, bridges, and buildings to make them stronger and more durable.

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SEFA Transportation

SEFA Transportation now has over 20 years of experience, 30 million miles traveled, and 9 million tons delivered, and has won numerous awards for safety. SEFA Transportation has extensive experience in hauling multiple types of bulk aggregates, serving customers in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast regions.

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Industrial Solutions

SEFA Industrial Solutions provides customized solutions in process engineering design, procurement, specification, and installation of equipment for industrial, manufacturing, and utility customers. Areas of expertise include project management, mechanical and electrical field installation, and other turnkey project services. Solutions are designed to maximize production and efficiency over the entire facility lifecycle.

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Company Overview


At SEFA, we leverage technology in every aspect of our business to provide exceptional solutions to partners and customers, now and in the future. Like many of our innovations, new technologies were developed to solve complex issues in our industry. With increasing demand for high-quality fly ash, SEFA develops forecast models to evaluate the estimated future demand for material.


The foundation of our Company is the willingness to serve. For over 40 years, SEFA has focused on providing a reliable supply of quality fly ash for the ready mix concrete industry. Throughout our history, we have also customized and added services that our utility or construction customers needed at the time. SEFA continues its strong heritage of integrity, excellence, safety, and unsurpassed service to its customers.


SEFA processes and markets environmentally sustainable products derived from fly ash for the concrete industry, recycling over 20 million tons of fly ash in the last 30 years. We are an integral part of some of the country’s most successful coal ash recycling programs. SEFA is making a positive impact for the future by cleaning up coal ash from ponds and removing it from the environment permanently.

Cleaning Up Coal Ash

We believe that reclaiming coal ash and recycling it for beneficial use in concrete is the best solution for people and the environment. SEFA’s STAR® Technology is a best practice, fiscally-responsible solution to Clean Closure of ponded coal ash. In comparison to conventional coal ash pond closure options like Cap in Place or reburial in a landfill, with potential long-term liability, the environmental benefits of the latest generation STAR® Facility are multi-fold. The benefits begin with the complete transformation of by-product waste material into recycled ash for industrial and municipal applications. The process removes contaminates and provides a reliable raw material that meets or exceeds all specifications for additives in concrete. The process is self-sustaining and exothermic—no fuel is required for continuous treatment. The STAR® Process is a unique example of an innovative U.S.-based technology being used to provide a

The STAR® Process is a unique example of an innovative U.S.-based technology being used to provide a commercially attractive solution to one of the largest environmental issues in our country.


Leadership in Fly Ash Beneficiation

For four decades, The SEFA Group has been adept at stimulating innovation and new service offerings that can further contribute to customers’ success and environmental stewardship. At SEFA, our spirit of teamwork is a competitive edge that generates innovative solutions.

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