Fly Ash Sales


Bert Nunn
Vice-President, Fly Ash Sales & Marketing

North & South Carolina
Gary Sheaff, Area Manager

North & South Carolina
Tray Matthews, Area Manager

Eastern Virginia & Maryland
Hank Keiper, P.E., Area Manager

North Carolina, Pennsylvania & Western Virginia
Tom Wahl, P.E., Area Manager

Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia
Mark Casey, Area Manager

Florida, Georgia, North & South Carolina
Jack Bell, Technical Sales Representative



With STAR® Technology, coal ash is transformed so it can be recycled and encapsulated in concrete. This beneficial use meets all environmental agency requirements for coal ash usage. STAR® Technology is a stand-alone solution that is cost-effective and eliminates long-term liability.


Once transformed into a concrete matrix, any contaminants in coal ash are locked up forever. The elimination of ash storage facilities means the elimination of need for long-term monitoring of wells and structures to detect and prevent ground water pollution.


The STAR® Technology solution to coal ash pond closure is an environmentally sustainable option that offers decades of multiple benefits. Reclaiming coal ash from ponds, and processing it into high-quality, consistent material allows it to be recycled for beneficial use in concrete.

STAR® Refined Pozzolan

Thermally Beneficiated Class F Fly Ash

STAR® Refined Pozzolan has applications ranging from ready-mix concrete to paving to precast products. It also promotes sustainable development by cutting down on the amount of new materials used in manufacturing. It’s recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council as a post-industrial, pre-consumer recycled material, which means it can contribute toward LEED credits.

Those aren’t the only advantages of STAR® Refined Pozzolan. Its superior strength and air entraining characteristics allow its use in more concrete mixes and at higher dosage rates. It also improves workability and reduces permeability, which delays the onset of reinforcing steel corrosion. STAR® Refined Pozzolan allows manufacturers to confidently tailor mixes precisely to meet weather, job, or specification requirements.

More Sustainable Infrastructure

Improved Strength, Durability, and Affordability of concrete projects is achieved with higher replacement ratios of STAR® Ash for Portland cement:

  1. The improved pumping capability of high ash concrete mixes means that material can be pumped higher and further, which reduces construction costs and results in higher quality end products.
  2. With higher ash usage ratios, the permeability of concrete is reduced which gives concrete structures protection against freeze/thaw deterioration and the penetration of chemicals and salts into the structures that cause corrosion and premature failure.
  3. These positive factors combine to offer engineers, architects, and owners a superior end product at a lower cost by using maximum ratios of consistently high-quality STAR® Ash.