Industrial Solutions

Safety & Environmental

Safety Is Our Highest Priority

Our expert team prioritizes the health and safety of our customers and our employees, as well as the environment in communities where we work. The SEFA Group ensures safe work practices at all SEFA facilities and outside operations. SEFA’s Health and Safety program involves a mixture of training programs (multimedia software, formal instruction, and weekly or bi-weekly safety meetings to ensure that all employees receive specific training regarding the hazards that are unique to individual job assignments and OSHA required training. All Managers and Supervisors receive OSHA 30-hour training.



For more than four decades, SEFA has been an environmental steward, and today, we leverage the latest technological advances in our areas of service to customers. As owners and operators of our own facilities, we take an “Owner’s Mentality” with our customers to assess their unique project and develop solutions to environmental challenges in manufacturing.

Transformative Engineering

An Owner's Mentality

As owners and operators of our multiple facilities in utilities, we have deep experience in developing facilities and tools that emphasize safety, stability, and durability over the long term, all while delivering fast return on investment. Put that experience to work for you.

A Trusted Partner

Making our partners stronger for more than 40 years—that’s the hallmark of SEFA Group. Whether you need process engineering, systems design, maintenance, testing, or facilities upgrades, you can count on SEFA Industrial Solutions to optimize your industrial operations.

Leading-Edge Solutions

As the developer and operator of the world’s only thermal combustion byproduct processing facility, the team at SEFA Industrial Solutions defines next-generation technologies. We’ve worked with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies at every stage of facility planning.


A Trusted Partner, A Committed Team

No matter the scope or size of your project, the SEFA Industrial Solutions team will work with you to achieve significant results in a cost-effective manner.

We create strong working relationships while adding value with everything we do. More than a vendor or even a strategic partner, our people and processes become natural extensions of the companies we serve.


Leveraging The Newest Technologies

Our ongoing commitment to innovation is the driving force behind our focus on technologies and processes designed to minimize costs while maximizing efficiency. At each stage, we are committed to providing the high level of customer service that has become our hallmark through the years.