Industrial Solutions


Excellence Begins With A Plan

We work closely with our customers to reach alignment on milestones and meet critical project schedules. We understand that one project can be linked to other business decisions and schedules. We are able to plan projects in ways that only come from owning your own facilities.

No matter the scope or size of your project, the SEFA Industrial Solutions team will work with you to achieve significant results in a cost-effective manner.


1. Process Engineering

The engineers of SEFA have delivered world-class process design for systems running 24/7 across multiple industry sectors. Many of our highly-qualified managers, supervisors, and tradespeople bring years of experience at large utility companies or engineering firms prior to joining the team at SEFA.

We have extensive experience in process engineering services, offering stand-alone engineering services as well as process engineering in support of design/build projects. By analyzing your current process operations, we can offer practical, knowledgeable advice and direction.

Our tailored solutions and process designs will maximize operational performance and efficiency. We will develop custom process and equipment specifications and then work with you to support and assess operations.

Process Engineering Experience – Material Handling/Thermal Processes, Process Analysis, Performance Testing, and Engineering Services including Design, CAD/3D SOLIDWORKS, Equipment Selection, Equipment Design and Fabrication, Budgeting/Estimating


2. Project Management

SEFA Industrial Solutions has formed an elite team to service projects like capital modifications and upgrades, equipment installation, process piping, electrical instrumentation and control systems. We are able to support planned and unplanned service outages. Our team stands ready to support both planned and unplanned service outages.


3. Industrial Construction

For large-scale design and installation of equipment or specialized industrial projects, we want to be your partner of choice. Our industrial construction capabilities include designing, procuring, installing, and maintaining equipment.


4. Electrical & Mechanical Industrial Maintenance

We leverage the newest technologies in electrical instrumentation and controls services, and our team follows industry-approved standards for all services.

Our experienced team at SEFA is committed to ensuring outstanding mechanical and electrical installation and repair services across a wide range of industrial systems. We offer professional mechanical and electrical construction services, specializing in process piping, equipment removal and installation, and electrical power and controls installation. Our team also has deep experience in instrumentation design and controls installation and upgrades. SEFA Industrial Solutions provides professional inspection and repair, delivering technical and troubleshooting support to every project.

Mechanical & Electrical Construction Experience – Process Piping, Equipment Removal and Installation, Industrial Maintenance, PLC and Distributed Control Systems, Electrical and Instrumentation Systems, Inspection and Repair.


5. Scheduled & Unplanned Maintenance Support for Outages

Our highly-qualified team at SEFA Industrial Solutions follows the highest standards and specifications in the industry. Industrial maintenance services include turnkey improvement processes, continuity of operation, and optimal equipment. Our people are dedicated to ensuring innovative solutions through consultation, budgeting, installation, service, and support.


6. Facility Upgrades & Process Improvement

Based on customer specifications, our team can develop facility upgrades and process improvements to reduce costs and extend life cycles. Functioning both as an engineering group and licensed general contractor, SEFA Industrial Solutions provides a turnkey project solution. We provide feasibility studies and analyses evaluating capital, operating, and maintenance costs.

Our team specializes in offering replacements, upgrades, and modifications while providing and managing all construction trades. Overall, we strive to ensure convenience, quality, and reliability throughout the life cycle of any project.

Capital Projects Experience – Feasibility Studies, Combustion Systems, Pneumatic Conveying, Dust Control Systems, Mass Storage and Transport, Bulk Material Loading and Unloading, Compressed Air Systems, Heat Recovery, Budgeting/Estimating


7. Drafting & Modeling

At SEFA Industrial Solutions, we have in-house drafting & modeling capabilities, providing accuracy and efficiency for your projects by adding both technical expertise and analysis. We utilize industry-standard software and drafting methods to develop designs to your specifications. Our capabilities include component design, tooling design, and systems design for cost-efficient solutions. The SEFA team also provides modifications of existing components and detailed renderings for fabrication. Your objectives will be carefully crafted and assembled by our experienced team who will use their engineering expertise to ensure the success of your project.


8. Process & Environmental Testing

We work closely with our customers to evaluate process improvements. As owners of our own facilities, we have also established service capabilities to offer a broad range of environmental testing for industrial and manufacturing facilities.

Transformative Engineering

An Owner's Mentality

As owners and operators of our multiple facilities in utilities, we have deep experience in developing facilities and tools that emphasize safety, stability, and durability over the long term, all while delivering fast return on investment. Put that experience to work for you.

A Trusted Partner

Making our partners stronger for more than 40 years—that’s the hallmark of SEFA Group. Whether you need process engineering, systems design, maintenance, testing, or facilities upgrades, you can count on SEFA Industrial Solutions to optimize your industrial operations.

Leading-Edge Solutions

As the developer and operator of the world’s only thermal combustion byproduct processing facility, the team at SEFA Industrial Solutions defines next-generation technologies. We’ve worked with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies at every stage of facility planning.


A Trusted Partner, A Committed Team

No matter the scope or size of your project, the SEFA Industrial Solutions team will work with you to achieve significant results in a cost-effective manner.

We create strong working relationships while adding value with everything we do. More than a vendor or even a strategic partner, our people and processes become natural extensions of the companies we serve.


Leveraging The Newest Technologies

Our ongoing commitment to innovation is the driving force behind our focus on technologies and processes designed to minimize costs while maximizing efficiency. At each stage, we are committed to providing the high level of customer service that has become our hallmark through the years.