Spherix® Mineral Products

Our Products

Spherix® Mineral Products (SMP) are 100% post-industrial recycled mineral products that reduce processing time and product cost. Developed by SEFA’s R&D group, the products are 100% recycled aluminosilicate ceramic microspheres, developed as sustainable, inorganic process aids for organic rubber, plastic, and silicone rubber. These products are uniquely designed to provide greater efficiency and flexibility for specific rubber and plastic applications. The aluminosilicate ceramic solid microspheres have a density of 2.3 and Mohs hardness of 5-6. Particle size distributions can be unimodal or multimodal.

The mechanical effect of Spherix Mineral Products provides enhanced physicals, increased surface smoothness, improvement in consistency, greater process control and repeatability, and greater calendaring, molding, extrusion throughput.

Company Overview


At SEFA, we leverage technology in every aspect of our business to provide exceptional solutions to partners and customers, now and in the future. Like many of our innovations, new technologies were developed to solve complex issues in our industry. With increasing demand for high-quality fly ash, SEFA recently developed a new forecast model to evaluate the estimated future demand for material, and make ash marketing more predictable and efficient.


The foundation of our Company is the willingness to serve. For over 40 years, SEFA has focused on providing a reliable supply of quality fly ash for the ready mix concrete industry. Throughout our history, we have also customized and added services that our utility or construction customers needed at the time. SEFA continues its strong heritage of integrity, excellence, safety, and unsurpassed service to its customers.


SEFA is a technical service and solution provider principally engaged in processing and marketing environmentally sustainable products derived from fly ash for the concrete industry. SEFA has recycled over 20 million tons of fly ash in the last 30 years, and the company is an integral part of some of the country’s most successful coal ash recycling programs. Our biggest impact is cleaning up coal ash from ponds and removing it from the environment permanently.

Green Innovation

Sustainability with consistent performance

At Spherix® Mineral Products, we manufacture aluminosilicate ceramic spheres that have been developed from 100% recycled fly ash. The products are custom engineered with specific treatments bonded to the surface for customers seeking sustainable alternatives to improve processing time.

Market Sectors

Spherix® Mineral Products have been engineered to deliver a unique combination of benefits – mechanical benefits + polymer chemistry + cure chemistry.

  • Lower total energy of mixing
  • Enhanced flow under shear
  • Crosslinking of polymer
  • Enhanced physical properties
  • Lower drop temperature
  • Reduced mold fouling
  • Shorter molding cycle time
  • Better surface smoothness