Spherix® Mineral Products


A growing family of hybrid inorganic-organic microspheres that are optimized for HCR silicone cure chemistry.

Dispersix™ delivers breakthrough gains in productivity for silica-reinforced HCR compounds.Dispersix™ products are optimized for HCR silicone cure chemistry and are suitable for opaque, non-white silicone compounds. Look to Dispersix™ ASC for easy to engineer value-added property gains without significant changes in hardness, modulus, scorch and Mooney viscosity.

Benefits For Silicone:

  • Reduced mixing time and energy consumption
  • Higher mixing, extrusion and molding rates
  • Enhanced surface smoothness, reduced shrinkage, warp and mold fouling
  • Greater product uniformity and batch-batch consistency


100% recycled Aluminosilicate Ceramic (ASC) Microspheres reduce mixing time and energy consumption…

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Organic elastomers serve as multifunctional process aids for enhanced properties…

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Silicone elastomers that are optimized for HCR silicone cure chemistry…

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Green Innovation

Sustainability With Consistent Performance

At Spherix® Mineral Products, we manufacture Aluminosilicate Ceramic Spheres that have been developed from 100% recycled fly ash. The products are custom engineered with specific treatments bonded to the surface for customers seeking sustainable alternatives to improve processing time.

Market Sectors

Spherix® Mineral Products have been engineered to deliver a unique combination of benefits: mechanical benefits + polymer chemistry + cure chemistry.

  • Lower total energy of mixing
  • Enhanced flow under shear
  • Crosslinking of polymer
  • Enhanced physical properties
  • Lower drop temperature
  • Reduced mold fouling
  • Shorter molding cycle time
  • Better surface smoothness