Environmental Stewardship

The SEFA Group has been an environmental steward for over 40 years, maximizing the beneficial utilization of coal combustion residuals to be recycled into concrete buildings, bridges, and roads with greater durability and prolonged replacement time. SEFA annually markets more than a million tons of fly ash for beneficial use, which would otherwise be disposed of in landfills or ponds.

Our environmental impact extends to all our business units. SEFA Transportation deploys the latest technology to schedule deliveries in the most efficient manner possible, reducing fuel consumption and emissions along the way. SEFA Industrial Solutions designs and installs equipment, like modern pneumatic conveying and dust control systems, to maximize efficiency for customers while protecting air, soil, and water quality.

Our Positive Impact


Removing coal ash from ponds, and converting the material for recycled use, makes a multi-fold positive impact. There is also a reduced impact on natural resources for mined materials, such as limestone and shale, which are used in the production of cement.

Reduced CO2

Lower greenhouse gas emissions result from the production of concrete by using fly ash, which reduces the need for carbon-intensive Portland cement. Every ton of fly ash used in concrete in place of Portland cement reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by roughly one ton.

Permanent Solution

Conversion of coal ash previously stored in ponds or landfills into a sustainable construction material is a permanent solution to remove coal ash from the environment as it is excavated, processed, and recycled into concrete, mitigating future detriment to soil and water.

Cleaning Up Coal Ash

Transformative Solutions

We believe that reclaiming coal ash and recycling it for beneficial use in concrete is the best solution for people and the environment. SEFA’s STAR® Technology is a best practice, fiscally-responsible solution to Clean Closure of ponded coal ash. In comparison to conventional coal ash pond closure options like Cap in Place or reburial in a landfill, with potential long-term liability, the environmental benefits of the latest generation STAR® Facility are multi-fold. The benefits begin with the complete transformation of by-product waste material into recycled ash for industrial and municipal applications. The process removes contaminants and provides a reliable raw material that meets or exceeds all specifications for additives in concrete. The process is self-sustaining and exothermic—no fuel is required for continuous treatment.

The STAR® Process is a unique example of an innovative U.S.-based technology being used to provide a commercially attractive solution to one of the largest environmental issues in our country.

Transformative Innovation

Leadership In Fly Ash Beneficiation

Innovation begins with being a problem solver. Through SEFA’s innovative determination, the Company developed STAR® (Staged Turbulent Air Reactor) Technology to provide our ready-mixed concrete customers an uninterrupted supply of recycled fly ash by utilizing and eliminating ash currently stored in impoundments. It is currently the only technology in the world transforming ash previously stored in ponds into a sustainable, high-demand product for concrete. We have continued to develop the technology for maximum benefit to the environment, communities, and our concrete customers.

The heartbeat of SEFA is innovation, and our company will continue to develop technologies, engineer processes, and invest in equipment that makes a positive environmental difference for the future.