STAR® Technology

Transformative Solutions

STAR® (Staged Turbulent Air Reactor) Technology is our patented thermal beneficiation process to transform coal ash from surface impoundments or ponds into a high-quality, sustainable product for the concrete industry.

A long-time leader in the fly ash utilization industry, SEFA developed the Staged Turbulent Air Reactor (STAR®) Process, which treats fly ash in such a way as to lower the LOI for use as pozzolan in concrete. The STAR® Process can also remove all the carbon in fly ash so that the purified mineral material can be used as raw feed material in other products and processes that historically have been unable to use fly ash as raw feed material because of the deleterious effect of residual carbon in fly ash.

With STAR® Technology, coal ash is transformed for beneficial reuse. The ash is processed from an industrial waste into a high-quality, mineral-based product that adds value in concrete and has a wide range of industrial uses.

Reclaiming And Recycling Coal Ash

The STAR® Technology solution to coal ash pond closure is a sustainable option that offers decades of multiple benefits. Excavation and beneficiation with STAR® Technology offers a permanent solution with total environmental success, as coal ash is eliminated. All coal ash removed is transformed into a new, environmentally-responsible material.

Using recycled STAR® Ash in place of Portland cement in concrete reduces the virgin material required in concrete manufacturing, and for every ton of fly ash used in concrete, there is approximately one less ton of CO2 released into the atmosphere.


Best Practice

STAR® Technology is a stand-alone solution that is cost-effective and eliminates long-term liability. Coal ash is transformed so it can be recycled and encapsulated in concrete. This beneficial use meets all environmental agency requirements for coal ash usage.

Permanent Solutions

Once transformed into a concrete matrix, any contaminants in coal ash are locked up forever. The elimination of ash storage facilities eliminates the need for long-term monitoring of wells and structures to detect and prevent ground water pollution.


The STAR® Technology solution to coal ash pond closure is an environmentally sustainable option that offers decades of multiple benefits. Reclaiming coal ash from ponds, and processing it into high-quality, consistent material allows it to be recycled for beneficial use in concrete.

Transformative Sustainability

Embedded In Our Culture

SEFA has recycled over 20 million tons of fly ash in the last 30 years that would have otherwise gone into landfills or ponds, and we were the first company in the world reclaiming and recycling coal ash from ponds for concrete. SEFA has a strong heritage of unsurpassed service to its customers in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable manner.

Transformative Innovation

For four decades, The SEFA Group has been adept at stimulating innovation and new service offerings that can further contribute to customers’ success and environmental stewardship. Through SEFA’s determination, STAR® (Staged Turbulent Air Reactor) Technology was developed to provide the Company’s ready-mixed concrete customers an uninterrupted supply of recycled fly ash by utilizing and eliminating ash currently stored in impoundments.

The heartbeat of SEFA is innovation, and the Company will continue to develop technologies, engineer processes, and invest in equipment that makes a positive environmental difference for the future.