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CCP Services

Maximizing the Beneficial Use of Coal Combustion Products

Coal Ash Beneficiation

Beneficiation is a process to improve the physical properties of coal ash for recycled use. We have the longest track record in the U.S. for thermal beneficiation, improving the quality of coal combustion products for recycled use since 2002.  

We were also the first company using thermal beneficiation to process harvested ash from legacy coal ash ponds. Thermal beneficiation improves the quality of harvested coal ash to provide the highest quality products for concrete construction. We transform coal ash into a consistent high-quality ash for recycled use that meets or exceeds industry specifications.  

Our technologies, strategies, and techniques to beneficiate coal ash are continually advancing to increase recycling and reduce our environmental footprint.

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Winyah STAR® Plant

STAR® Refined Pozzolan
661 Steam Plant Drive
Georgetown, SC  29440

HF Lee STAR® Plant

STAR® Refined Pozzolan
1594 Black Jack Church Road
Goldsboro, NC  27530

Cape Fear STAR® Plant

STAR® Refined Pozzolan
2220 Corinth Road
Moncure, NC  27559

Buck STAR® Plant

STAR® Refined Pozzolan
855 Dukeville Road
Salisbury, NC 28146

Customized Beneficiation Solutions

Each coal ash impoundment and each utility are unique, which is why we do not have a “one size fits all” system. We work with our utility partners to optimize a beneficiation solution to meet their needs. Where harvested ash does not require thermal beneficiation processing to produce specification-grade material for concrete applications, SEFA offers customized solutions to recycle coal ash.

CCP Services is responsible for design, construction, and 24/7 operations of STAR Technology beneficiation facilities, the premier option to recycle harvested coal ash and produce high-quality fly ash on a continual basis. We also manage operations for seven additional fly ash sources, working closely with utility partners to continually improve efficiency and output.  

Plant Operations and Engineering teams guide process improvements at existing plants and oversee construction of new processing facilities.

A construction vehicle in front of a building under construction.

Leaders in Thermal Beneficiation

Since 1976, SEFA’s core purpose has been to offer services and products to utilities, concrete producers, and related industries principally through maximizing the beneficial use of fly ash in environmentally sustainable ways.  

Through the years, SEFA has remained at the forefront of coal ash recycling and thermal beneficiation, developing its proprietary thermal beneficiation process, STAR Technology, in 2006. SEFA continues to make advancements in technologies and offers a variety of services to meet the demand for specification-grade material.

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Exceptional Service

The CCP Services team is committed to exceptional service in Plant Operations, Plant Maintenance, Engineering, and Environmental Services. We provide a wide range of services to support utilities in maximizing the beneficial use of coal combustion products while protecting the environment.  

At SEFA-managed plant facilities, the CCP Services team is responsible for:

  • Design and construction
  • Engineering improvements  
  • Process improvements
  • Predictive and preventative maintenance
  • Environmental permitting, reporting and compliance

Engineering capabilities include Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical & Instrumentation. In addition to the STAR Process, areas of specialization include material handling, conveying, and piping. This diverse team includes young engineers and professionals with over 25 years of experience in their respective fields.

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The heartbeat of SEFA is innovation, and the Company will continue to develop technologies, engineer processes, and invest in systems and equipment that make a positive environmental difference for the future.