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A factory with large metal structures.

Our Company

People, Technologies, and Services that Make a Difference

A SEFA employee walking a factory bridge.

Proven Technology

SEFA was the first company in the world to reclaim and recycle coal ash from ponds for concrete on a commercial scale.

We believe that removing coal ash permanently from ponds and landfills and recycling it for beneficial use in concrete is the best sustainable solution for people and the environment. SEFA is an integral part of some of the country’s most successful coal ash recycling programs.

We began investing in beneficiation technologies for coal ash in the 1990’s. Our proprietary STAR® Process is a commercially proven technology which has been in continuous operation since 2008.

Customer Focused

Over the past 25 years, SEFA has expanded and diversified its business and product offerings, adding transportation and industrial construction services that support our customers and are tied to our focus on the environment.  

Our transportation fleet delivers fly ash, as well as other bulk materials, for customers in our service area. The fleet consists largely of pneumatic tankers to provide environmentally responsible transport services for customers.  

Industrial construction services include mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and fabrication services for utility, manufacturing, and industrial customers, as well as SEFA’s plants and facilities.

A person standing next to a SEFA truck.
A SEFA worker maintaining factory equipment.

Our Team

Our employees are our greatest asset. The entrepreneurial vision and values at SEFA have created an innovative culture that spans all disciplines and businesses. SEFA has always embraced that every person on the team contributes to our success.

A group of men wearing hardhats and reflectors.
Man and woman working at SEFA.
A group of men of mixed ethnicity wearing hard hats.
A white male, SEFA employee, smiling at the camera