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A SEFA factory with a body of water.


Committed to the Safety and Health of Communities

Environmental Stewardship

We understand our responsibility to the environment and are committed to a positive environmental impact and the safety and health of the communities we serve. SEFA has had a meaningful impact on the environment since its founding in 1976, recycling over 30 million tons of fly ash for beneficial use in concrete construction.

Every aspect of our business manages and promotes environmental responsibility while operating in a manner that complies with or exceeds governmental standards and protects our employees, customers, and communities. SEFA STAR Plants incorporate the latest emission control technology to ensure compliance with federal and state regulatory requirements.

We fulfill our environmental commitment by:

  • Conducting our operations in an environmentally sound manner
  • Maintaining an internal team of environmental experts who ensure environmental compliance
  • Providing training, management systems, and resources that support our commitment
  • Integrating environmental requirements into planning, decision-making, construction, operations, and other activities that we perform
  • Committing resources to implement company environmental programs
  • Promoting environmental responsibility among our employees
  • Pursuing continuous improvement in our environmental performance
A view of water and reeds.
A recycle icon.

Coal ash can be reclaimed and processed into high-quality fly ash for recycled use in concrete construction and other industrial applications.

A leaf icon.

Fly ash can decrease concrete’s carbon footprint and reduce the impact on natural resources used in the production of cement.

A factory icon.

Harvested coal ash can be transformed for encapsulated beneficial use in roads, bridges, buildings, and other important structures.