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About Us

Permanently Removing Coal Ash from the Environment

Making a Positive Difference

We’ve been making a positive difference in the environment for 47 years. Our core business is processing and marketing fly ash for recycled, beneficial use in concrete, and we’ve recycled over 30 million tons of fly ash since 1976. Over 5 million tons of coal ash harvested from legacy sites has been processed for beneficial use in concrete. While the recycling of coal ash is not familiar to everyone, Americans step on fly ash every day. It’s an integral ingredient in concrete sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots, as well as infrastructure.

Over the past 20 years, we have expanded and diversified our business and product offerings, adding services that support our customers and are tied to our focus on the environment. Our business units also provide CCP Services, Transportation, and Industrial Construction services.

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    500+ Employees
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Over 30 Million Tons of Fly Ash Recycled

The successful recycling of coal ash for beneficial use in concrete and other industrial applications involves partnerships among utilities, technologies, and concrete producers. At multiple facilities, ash is processed using STAR® Technology, SEFA’s proprietary process. The coal ash is converted into high-quality, specification-grade fly ash and SEFA then sells this material to concrete producers for recycling into highway and construction projects.