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Ethics & Compliance

Code of Business Conduct

As part of Heidelberg Materials, the North American branch and its affiliated companies have adopted Heidelberg Materials' “Code of Business Conduct” and the “Group Anticorruption Guideline” and requires employees to comply with these policies. Managers have the additional responsibility of fostering a culture in which compliance with these policies and applicable law is at the core of our business activities.

Strong ethics and high legal standards in all our business activities are fundamental for the future success of Heidelberg Materials and its employees. Click here for more on Heidelberg Materials' Code of Business Conduct. In North America, employees must also comply with additional policies that supplement the Global Policies and adapt them to the legal environment in North America and, in certain instances, provide more specific compliance direction. These supplemental policies apply to all employees in North America. Read the North American supplemental policy here.

Ethics And Compliance Hotline Reporting System

As part of Heidelberg Materials' commitment to a safe workplace and compliance with company policies, applicable laws, and international ethical standards, we offer our employees – as well as external parties such as suppliers and customers – the ability to report concerns regarding any kind of improper, unethical, or unlawful behavior to a third-party ethics and compliance hotline reporting system. Go to https://heidelbergmaterials.speakup.report/speakup or call 1-888-898-3316 to submit a report using the organization code 107810.