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Bagged Fly Ash

Refined Pozzolan

Class F Fly Ash

SEFA has bagged STAR fly ash products! We now have the ability to provide our STAR beneficiated Class F fly ash in 50 lbs. paper bags or 2000 lbs. super sacks. This is the same high-quality, specification-grade fly ash for use as a supplementary cementitious material in concrete and concrete products that our customers have become accustomed to.

Sustainable Material
Local Source
Continual Supply
DOT Approved

Superior Air-Entraining Characteristics

Our STAR® Process transforms reclaimed coal ash into a consistent, low LOI, Class F pozzolan for encapsulated beneficial use. We are able to provide year-round availability of the post-industrial, recycled material for use in the construction industry. STAR® fly ash will not affect the ability of your air entraining agent to build and maintain an air void system in concrete. Independent testing shows that concrete made with STAR® fly ash has essentially the same air dosage rates as plain Portland mixes.

A pile of fly ash.

STAR® 3Micron

In addition to STAR® beneficiated Class F fly ash, SEFA now offers an ultra-fine product called STAR® 3Micron in 50 lbs. paper bags or 2000 lbs. super sacks. It has all the benefits of our STAR® fly ash but is size classified to provide a very consistent unimodal particle size distribution with a mean particle size of 3 to 4 micron. STAR® 3Micron is very useful in high performance concrete such as very low permeability requirements.

Sales engineer, Bill Black

Bill Black

Sales Engineer